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Erecting my First

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Subject: Erecting my First
From: (Dale Martin)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 18:58:00 -0600
On Sunday, December 01, 1996 22:50 PM, Steve Sawyers =
n0yvy[] wrote:

>So on the one had we have a $125 outlay, and on the other we have 15 to
>24 hours of hard labor plus materials which won't be cheap. I don't
>think you will make minimum wage on the job and be tired and sore to
>I vote to scrap the self-mix and have my friends come over for the =
>raising and antenna party.
>Other than that - looks like a nice do-able tower project.
>de n0yvy steve
> wrote:
>> I will be erecting my first tower next spring, it is a 48'
>> self-supporting.  Plan to dig 4'x4'x4' fill with self-mix concrete. =
>> or no on this?  Only beams to be installed on top will be a 6 meter

Having just moved six yards of dirt from a pile in the driveway to low =
spots around the house and pool, I can attest to beauty, economy, and =
luxury of having someone else do it for a hundred or two!! =20

I think I ended up flat on my back at least twice as a result of trying =
to move too much dirt at one time. =20

Guys, it's just not worth it.  Get someone else to do it.  It may cause =
you putting off that new boom-mic headset or set of ICE filters for a =
few weeks, but watching someone else do it who can handle it is much, =
much better than hobbling around the house for a couple of sick leave =

My neighbors are happy, though, to see that mound gone.=20

Now if they can only do something about the tower, aluminum and wires!!!


Dale Martin, KG5U

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