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Stand-off Insulator source

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Subject: Stand-off Insulator source
From: (John Lash)
Date: 3 Dec 1996 09:32:10 -0500
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  OFFICE MEMO         Stand-off Insulator source            Date:  12/3/96

Thanks to the _many_ who replied with where to look for stand-off insulators.  I
should have stated in my original posting that I had already checked Home Depot
and every fence dealer in my area, and that I was not able to find any farm
supply stores within an hour's drive of my home.  (I live in Fairfield, CT, in
an area where there are apparently no farms.)  Actually, I eventually did locate
one farm store, but they were "closed for the season".

A check of the New Haven phone book here at work yielded an Agway store only 25
minutes away, and they do carry the insulators.  In fact, they have 2 different

I had purchased a bunch of the stand-offs years back from a place in
Massachusetts called Davis RF, which also used to sell EXCELLENT black dacron
rope and this fantastic braided (as opposed to twisted) copper antenna wire
which you could tie knots in, as well as insulators, coax, connectors, etc. 
Unfortunately, they seem to have gone out of business.  I called (800) and (508)
directory information and found no listings.   I was thinking someone might know
of another source like them that I could have mail-ordered these from.     Alas,
I will make the trek to Agway.

73 to all & see you this weekend (if you can hear my puny 100W),


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