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Subject: pyrod??
From: (John Kay)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 13:12:30 -0600
On Dec 3, 12:27pm, wrote:
> Subject: Re: pyrod??
> In a message dated 96-12-02 16:33:38 EST, you write:
> >  Living outside of Indianapolis, Ind. do you see any problems with the
> >      height vs wind load? Or would it be advisable to only go to 80'
> instead
> >      of the full 100'?
> >
> >      Based on the data, what suggestions do you have for size, depth
> >      of the pad and what psi concrete should we use?
> Hi, Steve --
>     Sounds like a fun project and a stout installation.  Do you have the
> Pyrod catalog so you can see what series it is?  That should get you closer
> and maybe their engineering or sales department can make some general
> statements about it.
>-- End of excerpt from

As far as I know, PiRod doesn't have a tower catalog (anymore?). All of their
towers are "custom" (liability fear?). I have the accessories catalog which is
all I think they have.  Anyone have an older one that listed the section #'s
and specs?

I have a similar tower I hope to be putting up in the spring.


John WV9T

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