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Subject: Cable Clips
From: (Rod Fitz-Randolph)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 22:23:49 -0600
>As I'm usually too cheap to buy stainless, I've recently started
>on a campain to spray all non-stainless U-bolts with Rustoleum.
>I try to time the spraying so that the paint is still a bit soft when
>installed with SS nuts. The nust tend to accumulate a bit of paint in
>the threads, hopefully seaing the threads in the area of the nut.

Tony, I heartily recommend COLD GALVANIZE by LPS.  It comes in a 16 oz.
spray can, is 95% zinc, conforms to MIL P-46105, MIL P-21035,
MIL P-26915A, MIL T-26433 Part No. 00516.  For identification purposes,
it comes in a aqua blue can.  The Letters "LPS" are bold and in red.
"Cold Galvanize" is in black letters.  It can be sprayed directly on
a rusted surface and will stop the rust, although common sense says to
brush the loose, flaky rust off before spraying.  It virtually bonds
with the metal and prevents any rust from starting for years and years.
It stops active rust dead. I know of no better product to use.  It can
be used as a primer (if you feel the need to paint the object, but it
sure isn't necessary after "Cold Galv"ing it)  It is relatively
expensive: about $7.00 per can... but one can goes a long way.  I have
seen the results of rusty items sprayed with Rustoleum and I am not

I do not have any stock of LPS or any connection therewith.  I am just
a very, very satisfied user of the product.  I purchased it at an ACE
Hardware store here in Jackson, TN.  Good luck with your endeavor.


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