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Rohn HDBX-48

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Subject: Rohn HDBX-48
From: (Ed Jensen)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 13:15:52 -0600
Hi Gene,

>Who out there has information or an opinion on
>the Rohn series HDBX-48.

These are extremely stout towers that stay up under rediculous overloads.

> I'll be putting a Cushcraft A3S or
>equivalent beam on top of it.  I know this
>is not recommended by Rohn because they say
>not to use anything with a boom longer that

I had a BX40, much weaker than the HDBX series, with a TH3 on it.  No problems.
A friend has an HBX56 with KLM34XA, also no problems.

>  I might
>guy the tower, somewhat weekly with the guy
>anchors about 10' from the tower just for
>a little extra support.

The only BX type tower I have known to fall was a guyed one.  But it was
rediculously overloaded, and extended to 80 or 90 feet with straight 
sections that Rohn used to sell.

>  My main concern is
>the Rohn manual for the HDBX says to replace
>any loose rivets with bolts.  WHAT?  You mean
>to tell my the x-braced rivets might come out?
>I assume this means an annual trip up the tower
>to check out all the rivets, carrying a cordless
>drill and pocket full of nuts and bolts.

I have not personally seen missing rivets on these towers.

>  How does one climb this tower with the X braces?

Get an old pair of workshoes.  The sides of the shoes will quickly become 
torn.  You won't have has much a problem as I had on my BX since your 
sections are much bigger.

73, Ed
Ed Jensen, K5ED or

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