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Rohn HDBX-48

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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 16:29:17 -0700

I have a hdbx40 that I installed in 1990. I have a klm KT-34a
on top.  I dug a hole about 4.5 x 4.5 feet and 5 ft deep for
the base ( that size was in the permit application which was based
on a hdbx48 tower).

Up until last August, I thought that everything would stay up
forever  HI . plans change however.  Prior to August, We had
only seen max winds in the 55mph catagory so no sweat.  In August
A severe storm blew through ( a nearby airport recorded 115mph,
Luke AFB had 120mph) and the KLM KT-34a element to boom plastic
bracket tore loose ( very interesting stress cracks) on at least
one element ( I assume more cracked).

The tower came through without any problems.

I have decided to replace the KLM with Force12's, Yes, I am planning
on putting a elite 3 element 20 meter and a 4 element 10 meter. Not
a big wind load in any case.

The recent discussions on this list swayed my decision, thanks
to all from a new lurker.

I actually am toying with the idea of interlacing the 10
onto the 20 meter's boom but since Force12 does not give
any real dimensions, I must wait until I have the beasts
to model it.

for your info,


On Dec 5, 12:28pm, Gene Smith wrote:
> Subject: Rohn HDBX-48
> Who out there has information or an opinion on
> the Rohn series HDBX-48.  This is a 48' self
> supporting tower.  I am considering putting
> up this tower at my QTH in Medina, OH (Medina
> County).  I'll be putting a Cushcraft A3S or
> equivalent beam on top of it.  I know this
> is not recommended by Rohn because they say
> not to use anything with a boom longer that
> 10'.  The A3S has a boom of 14'.  I might
> guy the tower, somewhat weekly with the guy
> anchors about 10' from the tower just for
> a little extra support.  My main concern is
> the Rohn manual for the HDBX says to replace
> any loose rivets with bolts.  WHAT?  You mean
> to tell my the x-braced rivets might come out?
> I assume this means an annual trip up the tower
> to check out all the rivets, carrying a cordless
> drill and pocket full of nuts and bolts.  How
> does one climb this tower with the X braces?
> Gene
>-- End of excerpt from Gene Smith

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