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Delta Loop question

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Subject: Delta Loop question
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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 18:34:25 -0600
OK, you antenna design engineers or those with modeling software, here is a
question for you.

I have a delta loop I will describe and then I will make a change to it.
your challenge is to tell me what I end up with after the change.

I have a delta loop, apex up, cut for 40 meters, fed with 450 ohm open
line, fed at a lower corner.  It works just fine for me on 40 and 30.  Here
is the change I will make per a suggestion from a friend who says it will
work miracles:  I will ground the other lower corner, period.  I will not
open the antenna at any point nor will I make any other changes.

What affect will this have on the performance of the loop compared to its
original configuration?  Will the antenna now work on both 80 and 160?  Is
this a positive change or a negative change?

What can you tell me about this idea?  I have my own theory, but I want to
see what others think of this idea.

Thanks for your interest and any response.

Greg, wa0bnx, in Minnesota.

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