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Rohn HDBX-48

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Subject: Rohn HDBX-48
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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 11:33:55 PST
I currently have a 56 foot version of that tower with a KT34XA two feet 
 above it.  I CANNOT recommend this combination.  My tower is somewhat 
 protected from the wind by high trees and terrain.  But an A3S on the 
 48 foot version should be no problem.  As far as the rivets coming out 
 I have never had one come loose.  The KT34XA has been up there for 
 about 9 months and before that there was a Cushcraft 4 element 15 
 meter beam with a 20 foot boom for about 4 years.  There are no guys, 
 but I plan to put up a couple in case of a freak wind storm.
Climbing the tower requires hard soled shoes and of course you stand on 
 the cross braces.  Also use gloves as the hand holds all have right 
 angle edges.  I realize I am far exceeding Rohns' ratings on the tower 
 with the KT34XA at 56 feet, but I think this shows that your A3S at 48 
 plus a couple of feet should be no problem.

Darrell WB6ADZ
Subject: Rohn HDBX-48
To: <>
Date: Thursday, December 05, 1996 12:00AM

Who out there has information or an opinion on
the Rohn series HDBX-48.  This is a 48' self
supporting tower.  I am considering putting
up this tower at my QTH in Medina, OH (Medina
County).  I'll be putting a Cushcraft A3S or
equivalent beam on top of it.  I know this
is not recommended by Rohn because they say
not to use anything with a boom longer that
10'.  The A3S has a boom of 14'.  I might
guy the tower, somewhat weekly with the guy
anchors about 10' from the tower just for
a little extra support.  My main concern is
the Rohn manual for the HDBX says to replace
any loose rivets with bolts.  WHAT?  You mean
to tell my the x-braced rivets might come out?
I assume this means an annual trip up the tower
to check out all the rivets, carrying a cordless
drill and pocket full of nuts and bolts.  How
does one climb this tower with the X braces?


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