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Rohn HDBX-48

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Subject: Rohn HDBX-48
From: (Bill H. Jackson)
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 08:54:30 -0500

I used a HDBX48 with a 8 ft. mast, KT-34A  4el tribander and 11 element 2m 
yagi above that for many years on the very windy high plains of western 
Nebraska with no problems.  However, I junked both the stock rotor plate and 
top bearing plate even before I put the tower up.  They were extremely light 
weight made out of bent sheet metal.  I thought the bent taps they used to 
attach to the tower would be a source of failure with prolonged flexing.  I 
replaced both the bearing plate and rotor plate with fabricated 1/8" steel 
plates with heavy duty "L" brackets made at the local machine shop by a rather 
talented welder.  He used the existing plates as templates for the new ones 
and they fit perfectly.

I never had any problems with any rivits popping out.

73 de Bill

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Date: 12/05/96 01:42:42 PM
Subject: Rohn HDBX-48

Who out there has information or an opinion on
the Rohn series HDBX-48.  This is a 48' self
supporting tower.  I am considering putting
up this tower at my QTH in Medina, OH (Medina
County).  I'll be putting a Cushcraft A3S or
equivalent beam on top of it.  I know this
is not recommended by Rohn because they say
not to use anything with a boom longer that
10'.  The A3S has a boom of 14'.  I might
guy the tower, somewhat weekly with the guy
anchors about 10' from the tower just for
a little extra support.  My main concern is
the Rohn manual for the HDBX says to replace
any loose rivets with bolts.  WHAT?  You mean
to tell my the x-braced rivets might come out?
I assume this means an annual trip up the tower
to check out all the rivets, carrying a cordless
drill and pocket full of nuts and bolts.  How
does one climb this tower with the X braces?


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