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Crank-Ups & Coax

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Subject: Crank-Ups & Coax
From: (Joe Spinosa)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 96 16:35:02 UT
This may seem like a simple question, but it has really been nagging me 

I'm close to finally erecting a modest tower.  Its going to be a US Tower 
model TMM433HD.  This is a whopping 33', heavy duty crank-up.  (I know it's 
not much, but believe me, it has been hell just getting this approved).

It looks like US tower is using 4 ten foot sections.  What everyone (neighbors 
and city) likes about this model is that it nests down to about 12'.

I'm trying to build a satellite station.  There will be a couple of crossed 
yagi's with the typical azimuth & elevation rotation configuration.

Here's the question:  How do people route rotator control cables and coax runs 
on crank-up towers?  Are the coax runs supported on each section?

Initially, I'll probably have to be cranking this thing up and down quite a 
bit.  Don't tell my neighbors, but as time goes on, and everyone gets used to 
the tower being a fixture in the neighborhood, it may stay fully extended for 
longer periods of time.  You get my drift.

Anyway, we VHF/UHF weak signal and satellite guys are fond of station 
improvements like hard-line coaxial runs etc.  I'm wondering what happens to 
coax runs when you collapse the tower.  Does everything just sort of flop 
around the yard?

Since the tower is only 33', and the ham shack/observatory will be right next 
to the tower, I'll probably only require short runs of coax.  50' should be 
enough, from antenna connector to radio!  Therefore, I may not really need 
fancy, and heavy, and expensive, hard-line.  I could wire the whole works with 
flexible LMR400 or the new Belden 9913F, and not really see too much 
degradation, even at 440MHz.

I'm thinking I can route the rotators' (there will be two AZ/El) control wires 
inside the tower.  I suppose it would all just sort of bunch up when you crank 
it down.  Not too professional.

I assume the coax runs will have to be supported outside the tower somehow.  
What will that look like when cranked down?  Will this incessant cranking up 
and down put unusual wear on things like coax runs? (Not to mention winch 
cables and pulleys etc.)

Hmmm, reading over this post it occurs to me that I may have miss-lead you.  I 
really did start out with one simple question.  It just blossomed.  I can't 
help it.

Anyone have a neat looking crank-up that actually looks NEAT when its cranked 

Best Regards,
Joe Spinosa
Concord, CA

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