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tower advice in Cleveland OH area

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Subject: tower advice in Cleveland OH area
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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 11:56:11 -0500
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>I'm looking at moving to the Cleveland area within 12 months. This is my 
>first opportunity to put up a tower and gain antenna. Looking for advice 
>about windspeeds, zoning, permitting etc in Loraine, Cuyahoga and Medina 
>counties. Present plans are for TH7 and 40-2CD at 50-70 ft. 

Hi, Kyle --

     The good news is that each of those counties (in fact just about the
whole state) is rated at 70 MPH which is the lowest rating that the TIA-222
gives.  Be advised that there are sites that nonetheless will be subject to
higher winds (i.e. good ham locations) so check with the local building
department to see where they are.  They are based on the ASCE 7-88 wind map.

    BTW, your installation is one of the most competitive one tower setups.
 Have fun from the Black Hole - at least there's no aurora in Ohio - hi.

73,  Steve   K7LXC

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