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Conductive Grease

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Subject: Conductive Grease
From: (George C Claussen)
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 13:39:08 EST
Hello to all..Since we are now in the antenna repair season, I hope that
the following 
might be of interest. I have stumbled across some conductive grease which
I think will be useful when re-connecting the various coax fittings...

"Conductive Greases.. There are two kinds of conductive greases
available, one containing carbon and the other silver. Both are carried
under the "Circuit Works" brand and  are apparently manufactured by
Chemtronics, Kennesaw, GA.   I purchased a tube of the silver grease for
use on coax connectors. The consistency is  thicker than toothpaste, but
still thin enough to allow very thin coatings. (Good thing, it is pricey,
at almost $12 for 0.23 oz!). With very careful use, one tube should do a
lot of connectors. Following are some of the specifications, as printed
on the package:
Material...............................Silicone Grease
Consistency.......................Smooth Paste
Temperature Range.........-70 to 485degF
Electrical Conductivity.......<0.01ohm-cm
Chemical Resistance......Excellent
Compatibility.....................Metal, Rubber, Plastic
Follows a partial quote from the package:
   "7100 Circuit Works Silver Conductive Grease is a highly effective
lubricant with
excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. The 7100 grease combines
pure silver
with advanced silicone lubricants for maximum performance.Developed for
low to moderate loads and speeds, the  7100 silver grease is compatible
with metal, rubber and plastic. Ideal for applications requiring
lubrication and maximum electrical and/or
thermal conductivity........etc.    "
It comes in a small plastic syringe, with an small tipped applicator. I
have not used it yet, but will next week if the weather permits some
antenna work. I obtained this stuff from JDR Microdevices,   
The JDR part number is CW-7100.
Sorry about the long commercial, but hope that some of you may find this
info of use.
And no, I have no commercial ties in anyway with the companies mentioned,
just a 
loyal customer of JDR for some years now. 

73, George K7WUW

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