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Rohn 25g foldover query

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Subject: Rohn 25g foldover query
From: (Melvin G. Brafford)
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 17:28:10 -0500
Rohn recommends not to climb above the foldover section of a 68' 25g
foldover. I've been to the top and it seems stable. The tower is guyed in 4
directions and an additional 10 foot section set in 4x4x4 foot concrete
pad.  the guys are located at the 37' and 70' level with 3/16 standard
commercial guy strand. The anchors are rohn 4' long, screwed into rock hard
red clay. (my yard was an old roadbed.) Has anyone heard of the foldover
section failing with the weight of a normal size man? does Rohn put the
disclaimer in QST to cover their interests, or is the tower really unsafe
to climb? The foldover section consists of the standard rohn hinge and the
1/2 inch galv bolts. It seems pretty strong.
any opinions?
73, Mick....W4YV
ps i know...why dont i just fold it over.....

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