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Shortened verticals

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Subject: Shortened verticals
From: (Rick Markey)
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 17:45:43 -0500
Just talked to a guy using MFJ 1793 verticals in a four square.  He told me 
that he knows of several others doing the same thing.  I heard the array 
and it sounded impressive, and the guy who built it is very happy with it. 
 He's using 72' spacing.  Says that works better.  Also, he was using 8 
radials under each vertical and a Comtek switch/phase system.

de Rick, KN3C

From:   Howard Brainen[]
Does anyone have real world experience with arrays of shortened
verticals?  I'm familiar with the recent articles on top
loaded hanging wire arrays, but I'm wondering about commercial
80m and/or 160m loaded verticals, like the GAP and the
Gladiator.  Anybody tried a four square with the Gladiators, for

Howard WZ6Z

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