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TriEx LM-470D crashes!

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Subject: TriEx LM-470D crashes!
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Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 04:34:58 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-07 23:55:18 EST, you write:

<< What a shame. Do you attribute the failure to the cable being pulled to 
 tight by the motor?

No, I attribute it to MY failure to replace the cable. I should have known
better. And it CERTAINLY wasn't my friend's fault, he was just unlucky to
have been the one to operate the switch. If it hadn't failed at that time, it
certainly would have failed at the next raising, or heaven forbid, at the
time I put antennas on it and tried to raise them. The belt should slip
before a suitable cable breaks anyway. My hindsight sees how ridiculous and
dangerous this whole scenario is, and I just hope someone else who may have a
crank up with unknown or aged cable will take the time to replace it before
they loose their investment or worse! 

Mike  K7NT

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