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Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 13:33:48 -0500
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>Does anyone have a formula for computing the equivalent diameter of
>triangular tower sections so that one can accurately model them on a

Roger --

   All of the appropriate formulas (and there are lots of them) are in the
TIA-222-F, the structural standard for tower construction.  They are $80.00 a
copy and I will be happy to give you more info if you want to pursue it.
>I'm also planning a killer 160 antenna for spring. Was thinking of
>using Rohn 20G sections to keep the price down. Any opinions or
>experience on using these sections at 120-130 ft with no load on top?
     While I don't have the factory specs in front of me (they're in the
mail), I suspect that it's somewhere around half of the 25G spec.  I could be
wrong.  Comments from other tower heads?

73,  Steve   K7LXC 

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