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linear loading information ?

To: <>
Subject: linear loading information ?
From: (EA3KU(Fernando Martinez))
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 13:39:22 +0100
Hello friends.

Sorry, but i sended this message previuslly using the e-mail of my
friend EA3MGL/EA3, then if you answer it will go to him. Please if you
sre send any answer, resend to me.

I am looking for information about how to design a shorted half-wave
dipole using the linear loading system.
I would like to make some experiences using a this desing on a full
sloper. I made some test using a full sloper feeded at one end, its
feeded on a high impedance point. Then, to try do that on lower band's (
80 and 160 ), and in order to resolve the room needs, I think it will be
possible to use a shorted half-wave dipole ( using symetrical linear
loading devices, in order to have symetrical currents along all the
antenna ) feeded at one end in high impedance.
Thank's a lot for the answer's.

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