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TriEx LM-470D crashes!

To: <>
Subject: TriEx LM-470D crashes!
From: (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 07:39:25 -0800
On Dec 7,  9:44pm, wrote:


> that my antennas would soon be at. Straight, not leaning, the overlaps looked
> good. Okay, time to bring it down and block it so we could put the steps on
> the mast and hang the 80m inverted vee. My friend started to see if it had
> any more "up" left in it, moved the switch to the "up" position, the tower
> began to go up a bit more, then stopped. He let go of the switch at exactly
> the same time that there was a metallic "ping" and the whole thing just went
> zipping back down, nesting itself.


> There is a lesson here - re-cable your used towers! Invest the time and
> money. It is a small price compared to the total loss (practically) of an
> expensive crank up. It may be repairable, but only by someone willing to put
> in MANY MANY hours and having excellent welding skills. I don't have those,
> so if anybody wants this tower, make me an offer.
> 73,
> Mike  K7NT (ex AA7NX)

I think there are at least two more lessons here.

1. Don't test the strength of the cable with your motorized crank.

2. Make sure your limit switches are properly set so you don't over
   stress your cable.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

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