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telephone poles, concrete and a Gem Quad

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Subject: telephone poles, concrete and a Gem Quad
From: (Pete Soper)
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 16:29:33 EST

        I've been letting my fingers do the walking and they're getting
blisters.  Could somebody point me in the right direction to find a firm
that would install a telephone pole on my property?
        As I understand it a large auger is used to dig the hole. Would 
the truck bringing this auger into play be so heavy as to make me worry 
about a crushed septic field? 
        I'm also investigating an HBX tower as an alternative, although
this seems like overkill (see below). It didn't take the recent sakrete 
discussion to convince me I don't want to try to mix and pour the base 
myself. But how would I get delivered concrete into a hole that is
100-150 feet from the truck? This is as close as the truck could get
without crushing my septic field (and the tire ruts up to that point
are not something I want to think about). It is downhill and I wonder if it
is possible to run the concrete down a "sluice" to the hole? Would guess 
the grade is 1 foot down for 15 feet forward.
        Perhaps there is something that could be put on my lot for the
truck to drive over, moving pieces ahead of the wheels so as to prevent 
crushing or ruts while allowing it to get to the end of the lot. (Yes,
higher up the hill would be better. But married would be better than 
divorced <g>).
        All I want is a 22 pound Gem Quad tribander up about a wavelength
on 20 meters. If there's an easier way to do this inexpensively I'm all 
ears (eyes). 

Regards and thanks for all the great info,

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