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telephone poles, concrete and a Gem Quad

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Subject: telephone poles, concrete and a Gem Quad
From: (Wendell - W5FL)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 17:48:56 -0600
 To Pete, KS4XG:
 I have replied back through because I couldn't find an =
email address for you.
> I've been letting my fingers do the walking and they're getting
> blisters.  Could somebody point me in the right direction to find a =
> that would install a telephone pole on my property?

Firms that dig piers for bridges and house foundation pier holes are =
what you want.  Many also have the equipment to grab the pole and set it =
in the hole.  I paid $60/hour from the time he left his house until he =
finished, which is about 1/2 of what another firm quoted.  They weigh =
about 32,000 pounds and will go right through your septic tank lid and =
be very very mad!!!  I found them in the yellow pages under drilling, =
but your local utility co-op can give you names of several firms that do =
pole setting for their line construction.
> As I understand it a large auger is used to dig the hole. Would=20
> the truck bringing this auger into play be so heavy as to make me =
> about a crushed septic field?=20
> I'm also investigating an HBX tower as an alternative, although
> this seems like overkill (see below). It didn't take the recent =
> discussion to convince me I don't want to try to mix and pour the base =

> myself. But how would I get delivered concrete into a hole that is
> 100-150 feet from the truck?=20
> You can wheelbarrow it in or pump it in.  This takes a separate truck =
and charge but really works.  None of this is cheap, though.  They =
usually pump a smaller pea gravel mix rather than 1 inch rock mix.  Not =
quite as strong, but a lot easier.  Lets see....4 cu ft/wheelbarrow and =
5 yards concrete =3D 35 trips.  Need 4 wheelbarrows and 4 strong people.
> This is as close as the truck could get
> without crushing my septic field (and the tire ruts up to that point
> are not something I want to think about). It is downhill and I wonder =
if it
> is possible to run the concrete down a "sluice" to the hole? Would =
> the grade is 1 foot down for 15 feet forward.
> Perhaps there is something that could be put on my lot for the
> truck to drive over, moving pieces ahead of the wheels so as to =
> crushing or ruts while allowing it to get to the end of the lot. (Yes,
> higher up the hill would be better. But married would be better than=20
> divorced <g>).
> All I want is a 22 pound Gem Quad tribander up about a wavelength

Since a wavelength is about 67 feet, that is an 80 foot pole you are =
talking about setting!!!

> on 20 meters. If there's an easier way to do this inexpensively I'm =
> ears (eyes).=20
 Since a guyed tower is always less expensive (and usually safer) than a =
self supporting anything, you might want to consider one.  If so, it =
depends on how hard you want to work or hire someone for low wages to =
dig a 2 ft sq x 4 feet deep hole (assumining you have normal soil) for a =
Rohn 25 guyed tower.  Then have them dig 3 - 2 ft sq x 3 ft deep holes =
for 3 anchors 120 deg apart and 80% of the tower height.  Use Rohn =
concrete anchors.  Since the anchor holes only have to be filled 1 foot =
deep, you can mix the concrete in a wheelbarrow or small mixer since you =
will need only 1 yard to do this. =20
 I did it this way when the tower was 500 foot up a mountain in my back =
yard after checking out the price of pumping concrete 500 foot and then =
up 150 feet elevation.  Had to carry the concrete up the mountain in 50# =
sacks.  Sure was glad to get through.  Had to have a permit from San =
Diego to put it up and they approved the installation.  It was 75 feet =
high Rohn 25.

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