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Tower refinishing

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Subject: Tower refinishing
From: (Frank Donovan)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 00:02:12 -0500 (EST)
First, obtain a free copy of "Painting Galvanized Structural Steel" from
the American Galvanizers Assn   303-750-2900

They recommend cleaning the surface with a wire brush to remove dirt and
loose rust.  Use a detergent to remove oil or grease if any.  Rinse with
water and let the surface dry thoroughly.

Paint with Fed Spec TT-P-641 paint, available from McMaster-Carr
908-329-3200  M-F 0700-2100 EST.

1 Quart  Stock # 7725T2  $22.92
1 Gallon         7725T1  $83.33


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Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 13:34:19 -0500
From: Bill Cotter <>
Subject: Tower refinishing

Hello Everyone,

Several years ago I bought two second-hand towers (80ft Rohn-45 and a 70ft
Rohn-25) that were in excellent mechanical condition, perhaps ten years old
and showing only a dulling of their original galvanized finish. I used both
towers for about four years on our farm. Two years ago I disassembled them
and moved them to our new home. The outer surfaces were beginning to show
signs of mild surface discoloration from rust, but no signs of any deep pits
or damage. One section has one leg that is covered with fine rust, but
appears to be minor damage that could be cleaned up with light sanding. I
will be reinstalling both of these towers this spring, but before I do I
want to refinish them with a proper, long lasting exterior coat. 

What have you folks found to be the best permanent method(s) for refinishing
galvanized steel towers? What should I avoid doing?

Many thanks....

Bill, N4ALG

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