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quad vs yagi

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Subject: quad vs yagi
From: (Jim McDermott)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 13:50:53 -0900
Hi there,
Just thought that I might make a comment on the lightingbolt quads..
everyone that I have ever talked to has been more thatn happy with 
the lightingbolt. I personally had a 5 band 2 element lighting bolt
up for a few years at 75 feet.. the antenna not only survived several
ice storms, and wind storms, with the most severe having 130 mile 
gusts and sustained winds of over 70 miles an hours for about 6 hours!!!
This storm was so intense that it not only ripped the roof off my 
house but also broke telephone poles about a mile from house..
now granted the quad didn't look prety when everything was said and
done but I was still on the with all five bands!!!now I had ordered
heavy duty spreaders witch were and aditional cost, but I would
say that lighting bolt has made a product strong enough to handle 
the climate of Alaska!!!!!

                                     See Ya
                                     Jim McDermott

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