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Rotor leads

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Subject: Rotor leads
From: (Mike Bragassa, K5UO)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 17:56:42 +0600
Hi Bobby:

BOY, that W5HVV gave a lot of good data !

my 2 cents worth:

1.  You set up is about the same as my second tower. I would definetly put
THE starter capictor just below the rotor. If there occurs ANY voltage drop
you will see it in a sluggish starter.

The starter uses contacts #4 & #8. Wire the cap to #4 & #8  ON THE motor.
The wires that WERE going to 4 & 8 from your controller box can go over to 1
& 2 and increase their capacitance, as they are the only wires carrying
critical voltage.

THIS IS IMPORTANT for any long run....and to me, 350 feet is a long run.

2. Also pull a nylon rope thru as you are pulling your cables through. You
may need it in the future.

3. Be double sure you seal the PVC good. Go slow and easy. I know mine is
wet !!!!Could just be condensation, too. You know how wet it is here in
south Texas ! Never worried about moisture in Wyoming !

4. If you can: Make the middle of your underground run higher than the ends.
Any moisture will run to the ends. Then if you want to: Drill a hole in the
bottom of the 45/90 degree "ele" and silicon in a sprinkler system
auto-drain fitting. They drain when the water sprinkler system's pressure is
OFF. Put sand underneath these drainers.

73 de Mike, K5UO 
Mike Bragassa,K5UO
ex-NS7Z, AA5NK
Conroe, TX,/ Moscow, Russia

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