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Pb: Crossing Beverages?

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Subject: Pb: Crossing Beverages?
From: (Mike Bragassa, K5UO)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 17:56:35 +0600
I am wanting to put up another Beverage that will have to be perpendicular
to my EU Beverage. I will cross the EU Beverage at 'about' the same plane,
but will try to keep them at least a foot or two apart.

These two Beverages are (will be) about 300 feet long.Consequently I don't
want to compromise them...too...much.

1. Does anyone have any experience crossing beverages at right angles as I
have described?
2. If one of the Beverages was already in use prior to the second one: Did
adding the second degrade the initial Beverage?
3. What does theory (Misek / Devoldere) have to say about this situation?
Does being at right angles cause no effects?
4. Additional comments welcome.

Tnx es 73  de Mike  K5UO
Mike Bragassa,K5UO
ex-NS7Z, AA5NK
Conroe, TX,/ Moscow, Russia

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