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Rotor leads (comments)

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Subject: Rotor leads (comments)
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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 96 23:04:23 PST

> I have a tower located 200' from the radio shack, the tower is 125' 
> tall.  My plans are to run the leads in conduit below ground and am 
> wondering how well the rotor (TailTwister) will perform.  By the time I 
> get through running the lead for the rotor it will be approx. 350'.  
> The lead I have is 2/12 gage and 6/14 gage.  I'm hoping the voltage drop 
> won't be that much but am not sure.  Any suggestions? 


Guys, I have clipped the id from the above. But as for suggestions????

1. Has anyone ever heard of Ohms Law?
2. The motor resistance of the Tail Twister is given in the manual.
3. The ARRL handbook and almost any antenna book will give the resistance per 
1000 feet
   of just about any wire size.( in this case ( 350' ) multiply it by .35
4. The voltage at the control box is known.

Instead of "hoping" it will work, why not do your homework, and determine if it 
will work or
not. This way, you KNOW what you are doing. You may also discover you have a 

And by the way, if you  bury that cable in conduit, I will gurantee you'll blow 
the rotor
motor,directional pot, control box, and the cable the first time you get a near 
lightning strike. Unfortunately, I learned that one the hard way.



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Date: 12/10/96
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