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40M antennas

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Subject: 40M antennas
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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 12:41:11 -0500
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>Hello Steve, just read your post answer to the guy looking for a good 3
>el. 40M. I'm using the Force 12 3 el. 40M and love it. I'm reluctant
>however to advise anyone towards Tom's antennas. Reason being I just
>yesterday spoke with someone in a related business out West who reported
>the word is that Tom's business (Force 12) is going down. This report
>along with the reports I read on the reflectors about people not being
>able to get through on the phone make you wonder.
>Question: have you heard anything like this?

Hi, Dan --

     I'm posting this to TowerTalk because of your comments and a couple of
my own.

     Thanks for your comments on the Force 12 40M beam; a good endorsement.
 In regard to the condition of Force 12, they are having their best year ever
in spite of the current recession in the amateur radio marketplace.  Back in
the 80's I worked at CCOMM and talked to hams 8 hours a day everyday.  We
used to have a "Rumour Of The Week" because people would tell us "what they
heard", all of which were totally unfounded and false.  "Hey, didja hear that
Yaesu's buying Kenwood?", "hey, didja hear that QST is buying CQ?", etc.  I
would hesitate to propagate ANYTHING I didn't have direct knowledge about.
>Secondly I noticed your comments on the 402CD, adding a third element.
>One of my friends locally, Rick, NQ4I, is about to try this. Have you
>heard of anyone doing this, any success? We were thinking about a 30-32'
>boom. Any thoughts?
     Not being an antenna designer, I think that if you got another Cushcraft
element and made if 5% shorter, you could come up with appropriate spacing
either with some computer modeling or trial-and-error.  IMO this would be a
real nifty 40M antenna.  Just build it, beef it up and go nuts!  Any
designers want to take a run at this?

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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