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Rohn HDBX-48

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Subject: Rohn HDBX-48
From: (Ed Jensen)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 13:44:58 -0600
Hi Mike,

>Hi Ed,
>Who sells Rohn HDBX?  Also, how high can you go with it?  80 or 90 feet?
>Tnx 73, Mike  N5ZX.

Lots of places sell it but I found the best price to be from National Tower. 
 They have a good price plus they pay part of the shipping.  They advertise 
in QST.

Per stock design, HDBX will go to 48 ft. only.  HBX goes to  56 ft. but is 
weaker than HDBX, and BX goes to 64 ft. but is weaker than HBX.

73, Ed
Ed Jensen, K5ED or

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