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40M antennas

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Subject: 40M antennas
From: (Tyler G Stewart )
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 03:32:16 -0000
I'm sure the biggest difficulty would be to maintain adequate bandwidth for
on both phone and CW...but it'd be a neat project.

Does anyone have an accurate AO or YO file for the 402CD?

73, Tyler K3MM

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> Subject: Re:  40M antennas
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> Date: Wednesday, December 11, 1996 5:41 PM
> In a message dated 96-12-11 11:25:30 EST, you write:
> >Hello Steve, just read your post answer to the guy looking for a good 3
> >el. 40M. I'm using the Force 12 3 el. 40M and love it. I'm reluctant
> >however to advise anyone towards Tom's antennas. Reason being I just
> >yesterday spoke with someone in a related business out West who reported
> >the word is that Tom's business (Force 12) is going down. This report
> >along with the reports I read on the reflectors about people not being
> >able to get through on the phone make you wonder.
> >
> >Question: have you heard anything like this?
> Hi, Dan --
>      I'm posting this to TowerTalk because of your comments and a couple
> my own.
>      Thanks for your comments on the Force 12 40M beam; a good
>  In regard to the condition of Force 12, they are having their best year
> in spite of the current recession in the amateur radio marketplace.  Back
> the 80's I worked at CCOMM and talked to hams 8 hours a day everyday.  We
> used to have a "Rumour Of The Week" because people would tell us "what
> heard", all of which were totally unfounded and false.  "Hey, didja hear
> Yaesu's buying Kenwood?", "hey, didja hear that QST is buying CQ?", etc. 
> would hesitate to propagate ANYTHING I didn't have direct knowledge
> >
> >Secondly I noticed your comments on the 402CD, adding a third element.
> >One of my friends locally, Rick, NQ4I, is about to try this. Have you
> >heard of anyone doing this, any success? We were thinking about a 30-32'
> >boom. Any thoughts?
> >
>      Not being an antenna designer, I think that if you got another
> element and made if 5% shorter, you could come up with appropriate
> either with some computer modeling or trial-and-error.  IMO this would be
> real nifty 40M antenna.  Just build it, beef it up and go nuts!  Any
> designers want to take a run at this?
> 73,  Steve  K7LXC
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