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Electric winch

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Subject: Electric winch
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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 96 09:29:51 CST
SUBJECT: Electric winch
I am wanting the electric winch to be the reel type and hold about 300 feet
of 1/8" ss cable.

The problem is the duty cycle of a dc motor will not allow me to reel in
say 120" of cable. There are lots of combinations that will raise a crank up
tower but not pull a 20 meter beam to the top of a 120 foot tower because the
duty cycle of the motor will not allow it.

I have ordered the following from Granger and it's the best combination I
can find so I can make my own.

- one part no. 6z818 fractional gear motor with 30 rpm and full load torque of
278 in.lbs. reversible, continuous duty, 115vac

- part no. 5x400 brake for the above motor

- hand winch is a D/L 2000 hand winch from Granger...forgot number

I plan on coupling the electric motor to the same shaft where the hand
crank was previously.  This complete thing will be mounted on a
12x24 piece of T6061aluminum plate for mounting on the side of a tower.

The makers of the winch told me the spool would hold about 312 feet of
1/8 cable.

So I will be at the top of the tower and my lovely wife will press the up
button when asked to. The antenna will will slowly move up the tower
with no problems. (right)

Again I have no idea if this is a good combination or not but in a
couple of months I will be putting up towers and antennas and will have a
better idea.

Thanks for all the a side note I ended up getting the
4130 chrome molly masts for $9/foot...which is a excellent price. Now how
do I put 24' in my tower with a Rohn gin pole.

The next project will be to remote control the up/down buttons so I can
do it all by myself.

I want to express my thanks to all who responded to the first note.

If there are any questions feel free to call me at work anytime as I am
better at talking than typing ..When everybody else was in English
class or learning to type I was accross the street having a quick smoke.
Wow big mistake...

Merry Christmas     73/Sam

phone 1-618-255-2293


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