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Long masts, winches

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Subject: Long masts, winches
From: (Dan Arney)
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 14:52:39
Hit return key earlier 2nd post hihi

Well here is my .02C worth. In dealing with tall towers, long heavy 
masts. The safe easy way to go is spend a little bit of money and 
get a good crane operator in when you get everthing laid out and 
ready so you have minimum crane cost. Put the mast in and lift the 
antennas and secure to the mast. A good operator in can put right 
out to each element if you have to tune it in a boatswains chair or 
mancage. If you are not at ease in a chair use a mancage with a 
buddy to steady it while you work. Thats 200 or $300. bucks well 
spent with no one hurt. Dents the pocketbook a little, not as much 
as someone getting hurt.
"Hank" KN6DI

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>Date:  Thu, 12 Dec 1996 22:22:36 +0000
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>To:, (rattmann)
>Subject:       Re: Long masts, winches
>> Sammie,
>> About the mast: 
>     (long description of installing a large mast inside a tower)
>> 73, Glenn K6NA
>What an excellent method and description of the long mast! I have 
>fair amount of experience in masts that are longer than twice the
>height of the gin pole, and the method I use, while effective, is
>not absolutely safe, as yours is. Mine requires attention to 
>confidence, a trustworthy ground crew, and probably a tower that 
>doesn't exceed 80 or so feet, whatever the effective shouting 
>distance is. It also isn't recommended for masts that weigh more 
>150 pounds.
>I won't share it here, as yours is far better; and SAFER! 
>Thanks for the idea. Consider it stolen and prosletyzed!
>73, Rod N4SI
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