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Long masts, winches

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Subject: Long masts, winches
From: (C. Logan Dietz (KE5FI))
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 16:42:38 -0800
rattmann wrote:.  While you climb along
> the tower (belted on) to guide the mast and keep it (and the clamp), from
> hanging up on tower braces, brackets, etc. 

Please be careful about reaching through the tower to guide the mast. If 
you use a winch which winds the wire holding the load into layers on the 
winch.  When you hold the mast while the winch is winding, due to the 
weight of the mast, occasionally the wire will be pulled from the top of 
the windings on the reel down a few layers, allowing the mast to "slip" 
down 6" or so.  If your wrist is close to a lower cross brace while you 
are gripping the mast and it slips, you could break a wrist!

I recommend taping the winch wire to the side of the mast in several 
places up to and including the top.  This will help keep the top centered 
in the tower.  The tape can be cut, one at a time as the mast rides 
through its opening at the top.

Chuck, KE5FI

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