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Long masts, winches

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Subject: Long masts, winches
From: (rattmann)
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 07:40:13 -0800
 Chuck wrote:
>weight of the mast, occasionally the wire will be pulled from the top of 
>the windings on the reel down a few layers, allowing the mast to "slip" 
>down 6" or so.  If your wrist is close to a lower cross brace while you 
>are gripping the mast and it slips, you could break a wrist!
>I recommend taping the winch wire to the side of the mast in several 
>places up to and including the top.  This will help keep the top centered 
>in the tower.  The tape can be cut, one at a time as the mast rides 
>through its opening at the top.
Thanks Chuck.  Yes, I also have taped winch wire along the mast length to
help keep it vertical... good point, I forgot to mention it.

Re "reaching in"... actually, if you use your toes (you do climb with steel
toes, right?) you can just tap your toe against the mast occasionally, and
keep it coming up pretty straight.  Then you don't have to reach inside
much.  There is really no reason for having to grip the mast hard with your
hands inside the tower. Wear gloves to preclude light pinching!

My hand winch holds 325 feet of eighth-inch aircraft cable.  The operator
pays attention to close-packed,level winding, which ensures against the
traumatic "short slips" you describe.

73, Glenn K6NA

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