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Hy gain antenna query.

To: <>
Subject: Hy gain antenna query.
From: (Melvin G. Brafford)
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 14:06:01 -0500
Hi again Bill,
  I just talked to Hy-gain and they are going to send me a manual free of
charge, because I purchased so many 105BAS'. Just in case it doesn't come
before the tower man arrives, can take a minute and send me the new
dimentions? ON the 105ba the Rel lenght is 106.5" (one side), it is spaced
11 7/8" from the end of the boom. the DE is spaced 92" from the REF, and
oneside length is 102". The DI-1 is spaced 56" from the DE and half length
is 100.75". The DI-2 is spaced 52" from DI-1 and the 1/2 length is 95.75".
The DI-3 is spaced 71" from DI-2 and 1/2 length is 94.5".
to make it simple u can go....

This will do it if you have the dimentions handy..Boy I hope I don't have
to move the DE, The way I have it bolted down...
thanks Bill,
73, Mick...W4YV

> From: Bill Hider <>
> To: Melvin G. Brafford <>
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> Subject: Re: Hy gain antenna query.
To: <>
> Date: Friday, December 13, 1996 8:37 PM
> Melvin G. Brafford wrote:
> > 
> > Next week I hope to get my first 105BA 5 element 10 meter beam up to
92' on
> > my WELL GUYED rohn 25G. My plan is to put another 105BA at the 62'
> > and a third one at 32'. The one on top will be rotatible , but the
> > two will have to be fixed for now. I plan to use a Dunestar stacking
box to
> > feed the three ants, and run various combinations of stacking. The land
> > where this tower is sitting slopes steeply down to the NE and E, Making
> > top ant seem about 150', so with this in mind I had planned to fix ant
> > 2..the one at 62' at 90
> > (due East) degrees to pick up Africa and ant 3 the one at 32' NE or 45
> > degrees to maximize Europe. I realize my big money run route will be
> > Europe, so should I fix both antennas on EU, And use the Upper ant
> > for Africa then stack all three for europe?
> > Further, on tower #1 which is about 120' NW of the 92 footer, I am
using a
> > TH7 at 77', which is a band opener to the WEST. Also on this tower is
> > another 105BAS at 38' fixed on the Carib. When the band is open this
ant is
> > hot, but in off years the TH7 beats it.My path to JA is unknown from
> > QTH, as it is new, post sunspots, ...hi....,but you can see forever in
> > direction from the tower.
> >  Wonder if I should stack another 105 on tower #1 fixed on JA at about
> > then with a dunestar on that tower, I could stack the TH7 with it, and
> > stack the TH7 with the Carib/ South antenna when needed in that
> > Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> >  73, Mick...W4YV
> > 
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> Hi Mick!
> I don't have all the answers to your questions, but I have a couple
> suggestions.
> First of all do not install the 105BA(S) antennas without modifying them
> to be 105CA(S) antennas.  The 105CA design has been computer optimized
> and you will greatly appreciate the several dB gain and front to back
> you will get after installing them as CA rather than BA.  The difference
> is mainly in the spacing of the elements on the boom.  Just call HiGain
> and buy the manual for the 105CA. You will be pleasently surprised how
> easy it is to modify and how much difference it will make.
> Secondly, I'd suggest you obtain a copy of EZNEC, YO, AO, or ELNEC and
> model your antenna possibilities and see what results.  That will give
> you the numerical answers to input into your evaluation and hense, your
> decision.
> Third, I'd look at W6QHS' book at the imrovements in mechanical strength
> he suggests for the 105BA(CA).  With that many 105s, you might consider
> reinforcing them if your location has high winds.  W6QHS' book, The
> Physical Design of Yagi Antennas, is worth buying and reading even if
> you don't plan to reinforce the antennas.  I have reinforced my yagis
> per Dave's book (two 40-2CDs, 115CA, 205CA) and will reinforce the
> 105CA, 115CA and 205CA that will go up next year, also..
> If you have any questions on the above, I'll be glad to answer them.
> Bill, N3RR

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