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Hy Gain antenna query

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Subject: Hy Gain antenna query
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Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 13:46:44 -0600
Bill - N3RR wrote:

>First of all do not install the 105BA(S) antennas without modifying them
>to be 105CA(S) antennas.  The 105CA design has been computer optimized
>and you will greatly appreciate the several dB gain and front to back
>you will get after installing them as CA rather than BA.  The difference
>is mainly in the spacing of the elements on the boom.  Just call HiGain
>and buy the manual for the 105CA. You will be pleasently surprised how
>easy it is to modify and how much difference it will make.

Several dB gain?  According to HyGain the following is representative
of the Gain and F/B when optimized for the various settings:

Setting Ctr Freq Gain (dBd) Max F/B 2:1 SWR B/W
CW  28.2  8.20  27 dB  1100 KHz
Low Phone 28.4  8.22  27 dB  1100 KHz
Mid Phone 28.8  8.26  27 dB  1100 KHz
Broad Band 28.8  8.20  24 dB  1700 KHz
Max F/B 28.5  7.56  36 dB   600 KHz
Max Gain 28.5  8.60  23 dB   400 KHz

The above settings are not the standard as shipped from HyGain, but
optimized settings for a particular configuration.  The difference in
performance between the old 105BA and the new 105CA are not several dB
gain.  The CA design does clean up the pattern a bit, but you shouldn't
dive in with unrealistic expectations.  The element lengths and spacing
for the above settings are available by pointing your Web browser to:

73 & GUD DX

de KN0Z Gary

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