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105CAS..I'LL MAKE THE MOD ! + new thread

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Subject: 105CAS..I'LL MAKE THE MOD ! + new thread
From: (Rick Craig, N6ND)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 00:44:08 +0000
There really isn't a down-side to the 105CA.  The 105BA was designed at
least 15 years ago, long before advent of optimizing antenna software.
Hy-Gain got the antenna to produce reasonable gain but never really
optimized it.  After K6STI released YO, I wrote an article for the
NCJ describing YO and used the 105BA as an example of what could be
done to improve an existing yagi.  The gain, F/B, and SWR bandwidth
were all improved over the stock antenna.  The dimensions of the 105CA
are fairly close to the NCJ article.  Hy-Gain now uses YO and other
antenna modeling software to tweak their antennas before they take
them to the range.  

73 Rick, N6ND

At 10:14 AM 12/14/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Okay - you guy's that have made the change to "CAS" - what's the
>tradeoff? Bandwidth or what? 
>Knowing Hy-Gain, there are reasons for not releasing the antenna as
>"Optimized". de KL7HF

Rick Craig, N6ND

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