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Subject: GAP Voyager
From: jfeustle@UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 10:00:51 -0500 (EST)
I've had a Voyager for a few years now and my experiences seem to replicate
those of other contesters. The antenna is wonderful on 40 and 80, but is a
real frustration on 160. I did better on 160 with a trapped sloper I had up
before I got the GAP. I've thought about adding radials and elevating them,
but have not had the time to do so. Mostly, I concede the DX on 160 to
others and play around with the stateside stuff in the contests.

My antenna is in a back yard that slopes down to a creek. From the front of
the house, you can just barely see the top hat. The antenna  does not have
a clear path to the north or northeast. There are houses in the way.
Consequently, I'm hesitant to pass too quick a judgement on why I don't
work any DX with it. I'm also in a bit of a bind because of covenant
restrictions in my neighborhood, restrictions that I get to violate because
of another ham's tower and beam--he's since moved out--that were in place
before the restrictions went into effect and were there and functional when
I moved in.

The Voyager is clearly a "compromise" antenna. The only question is, then,
how much are you willing to compromise for performance on 160?

Joe Feustle, N8JF

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