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Galvn Pipe

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Subject: Galvn Pipe
From: (Dan Arney)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 09:42:49
As the saying goes there is them that will and them that have. I 
have now joined the Have group.
The Santa Annas in Northridge at 03:40 decided that my 2" water 
pipe mast had been carrying the load long enough. t broke off 2" 
above the 15M Raibeam and went down with a 6M vert. 6-10-17 and 2 
13B2 boomers. Oh well. I had just told a friend of mine K6STU the 
yesterday that I needed to get a chromemolly mast.

Needed to close the gate before the cows got out.

Wind is up to 70 plus today.
"Hank" KN6DI

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