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Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 00:49:25 -0500
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>  A couple of tips:
>1.  Over order by 10%, to allow yourself to drop a few into the snow and
>still get the project done.
>2.  An additional part of that "over order" will be used up as some items
>"gall."  There are compounds which limit galling, but you'll still waste
>a few nuts and bolts.
>3.  Go back a month later and re-tighten the SS nuts and bolts.  Some
>will loosen up.                
4.  Use SAE Grade 5, fine threaded bolts per Rohn spec.

5.  Use a never seize compound on the SS nut and bolt threads and you'll have
very few galling and removal problems.

6.  I'd still use the Rohn hardware.  Despite rusty outward appearances, the
threads of the  hardware I've removed has been almost always in FB condition.
 They're only $2.95 a set from you-know-who.

>A larger question is why do you need to replace them? If you are 
>re-erecting a used tower, then I highly recommend re-bolting with 
>Rohn kits. If the bolts have become structurally unsound due to rust, 
>then I would be suspicious of the whole array.
       Commercial tower practice doesn't allow you to re-use tower bolts.
 When you re-erect it, you're supposed to use new nuts and bolts.

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