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Electric winch(son of)

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Subject: Electric winch(son of)
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Date: Tue, 17 Dec 96 08:29:39 CST
SUBJECT: Electric winch(son of)
I am still assembling the parts for my winch...there were lots of questions.

Therefore I plan to make a small write up along with pictures and put
on the MVDXCC web page.

Again please wait until this thing is up and working before you invest
money.There is a winch already made from a company called Super winch
and I ordered one of them also, the price was $411 and it looks like it
will work. I will try to evaluate these two winches and make a posting.
There are more folks qualified to evaluate this than me but I want one
so I will try to share any knowledge or thoughts I gain.

As a side note I ordered my 4130 mast from a local outfit in St. Louis
called Shiparo steel. I you call them ask for Stan Shiparo and tell
Sam said call...the price was $9/foot. I am having 2 pieces 24 foot long
galvanized for $75.

The phone no for Shiparo is 1-314-382-7000...

Again I am no expert on winches ( well maybe I have spent some time with
winches of another kind) so if you have additional ideas let me know...

as a fellow said "I love my life and I love my wife"  hey me

Merry Christmas from my family to yours

73/Sam  K9SD


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