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Walk Under Guy Anchors:

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Subject: Walk Under Guy Anchors:
From: (rattmann)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 13:14:39 -0800
>Question:  Any suggestion on how to best adapt 4.5 inch pipe anchors for
attaching the Jaw of the 1/2 in x 12 turnbuckles.?  

I would have a certified welder attach a "vertical" plate of thick steel to
each guy pipe.  The vertical edge is parallel with, and points at, the
tower.  Drill two holes in the plate to accomodate the bolts of the jaw.
The plate can't be so thick that the jaw won't slip over the edge, of course.

The other way is to drill one horizontal hole thru the pipe and insert a
marine grade, 5/8-inch forged, galvanized eyebolt all the way through the
pipe.  Then add the Rohn equalizer plates and attach the jaws of the t.b. to
the holes already in their plates.  If you use an eyebolt, use only a
forged, one-piece type-- never use a bent-type eyebolt from the corner store.

73, Glenn K6NA

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