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Rohn 25 bolts

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Subject: Rohn 25 bolts
From: (rattmann)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 13:14:44 -0800
WZ6Z wrote:
>My 14 sections of Rohn 55 were used when I got them and
>some of the bolts were in pretty bad shape.  It wasn't corrosion
>as much as being messed up from hammering in through
>the holes in the sections.  I simply took one to a local stainless
>supplier (Thunderbolt and Nut in Richmond, CA) and had him
>sell me several boxes of stainless replacements for the bolt
>and nut.  No problems in seven years.

Hi Howard,
Yes, they are probably "strong enough".  But maybe it's a good time to
remind people on the reflector that all stainless alloys are weaker than
similar-sized hardware of "normal" carbon steel like Grade 5 nuts and bolts,
or guy wires.  In the case of a major tower installation where a building
permit is obtained, and the structure is to be covered by insurance, I would
be reluctant to use any leg-bolt hardware which does not meet the tensile-
or shear-strength requirements stated by the tower manufacturer.  If there
is a catastrophe, a sharp-eyed insurance adjuster MIGHT just notice the SS
bolts deviating from original specs and cause you lots of grief, even if we
know that the bolts might not have anything to do with the failure mode. 

73, Glenn K6NA

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