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guy anchor plates

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Subject: guy anchor plates
From: (rattmann)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 13:14:41 -0800
Rod, N4SI wrote:
>In a magazine several years ago, I recall seeing someone order 2 
>extra sets of equalizer plates (the triangular things with holes for 
>either 3 or 5 sets of guys) from Rohn. They then welded a single 
>plate (the edge with the multiple holes) to the post, and attached a 
>regular set of plates to that plate with the included bolt. Still 
>worked as an equalizer plate, too.

This looks like an unsafe idea.  A single Rohn equalizer plate looks pretty
wimpy to me, although as a pair they are obviously okay.  But a single one,
welded to the pipe, seems unsafe as it is 1/8-inch thick, at most.  Use a
THICK plate welded to the pipe (by a certified welder, of course).  If you
make the plate tall enough, you can drill holes near its outer edge to
accomodate the turnbuckles directly, if you have jaw-type.  No extra
equalizer plates are needed then.

73, Glenn K6NA

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