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Pushup pole questions

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Subject: Pushup pole questions
From: (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 20:38:15 -0500
Hello towerphiles,

I am going to be erecting a cushcraft 10-3cd on a 40 ft. pushup pole (extended
only to 30ft.).  I will be guying it at 2 levels with 5/16 dacron, equally 
120 degrees apart. Two of the guy points will be to my house (eyebolts through
the eaves at each end of the house - the position of the guys will be pulling 
and 'up' over the eave), and the other guy point will be to a pole cemented in 
ground about 25 ft. from the mast.
A few questions:

1) Guy tensioning - One of the guy points will make for a fairly steep guying 
The other 2 guy points will be relatively shallow (I'm guessing about 25 deg.).
I have no tensioning tool (yet).  Should the tension be fairly equal?  How much
stretch should I expect from 30-35 ft. of 5/16 dacron/poly?  Should I clamp,
or just tie a big ugly knot?

2) Since I'm only going to use 30 of the 40 ft., which 10ft should I leave
retracted... the top, or bottom? Which method would provide the best

3) What should the bottom of the mast sit on? It cannot be anchored to
the house, so what should I use to keep it from rotating?

4) Would it be safe to add an 11 el. 2m (or even a 4el end mount) a couple
ft above the 10-3cd?

5)  Does this sound like a sturdy enough setup?  My qth is on a hill in a new
subdivision with few trees to block the prevailing winds.  There is always
at least a steady breeze blowing.

All hardware is new, btw.  And a new rotor will be mounted as well.

I know this may come off sounding like a lot of worry for such a relatively 
project, but I want it to be as safe and trouble-free as possible.  And when I'm
in bed listening to the wind howl,  I don't want to worry about it (too much).
Thanks for your help... rich

Rich Dailey - KA8OKH <>

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