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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 08:51:36 -0500 (EST) ....tear
>By the way, Plymouth also makes "BishopSeal" a product like CoaxSeal, but
>in a wider roll, and widely used in the cable TV industry (which is where
>I learned about it).  I just LOVE BishopSeal and use it on all of my
>splices:  tape, BishopSeal, tape.
Hello all, 
This just jogged my memory.  There is (or was) another product out 'there'
that I have found to be very useful for sealing stuff like CoaxSeal.

I believe CoaxSeal is basically, unvulcanized rubber and I found some
generic CoaxSeal in an unlikely place.  

One of our businesses is apartments and apartment mgmt. Years ago, we found
some stuff which was used for sealing leaky gutters.  It was in a rolled up
sheet with a waxy paper interleaved with it.  It was supposed to be placed
inside the gutter to fix rusted out places.  

I have two rolls left. Each is about a foot wide and appoximately 6 or 7
inches in diameter and weighs several pounds.  Who needs to invest in
Krugerands (sp?) when you have this stuff.

Unfortunately, I can not remember the source. I think we 'inherited' it with
one of the buildings.  Does anyone have a source??

Now don't everyone start argueing with me over the composition of this stuff
vs. CoaxSeal.  I don't care, I won't care and I never have cared.  Save your
butane.  I just know it has worked great for years and is every bit as 'gooey".

73 de Steve, NJ4F

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