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Rohn 25G supplier in Miami area?

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Subject: Rohn 25G supplier in Miami area?
From: (Larry Reader)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 96 09:20:44 -0500
One of the joys of maintaining a contest station in the Caribbean is getting
stuff from the mainland to the island.


I'm looking for a reliable Rohn dealer in the Miami area who will take my
order for 25G over the phone, charge my credit card, and then will deliver
the sections to my shipping agent, also in Miami, for transfer to St. Croix.

After getting beat by 8P9Z in the last ARRL DX we realized we needed another
tower and a better 40 antena at Windwood.  They beat us on 40 by 400 Q's!!!
We've got to do better, and we will.  Hope to have the second tower and a
40-2CD up and operational by the ARRL DX CW in February. 

Appreciate any suggestions on dealers in Miami.  Thanks.

Larry KE2VB
trustee, WP2Z

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