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7 Mhz Antennas

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Subject: 7 Mhz Antennas
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 16:11:32 -0600
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I hope you have followed the thin thread on a 40 meter delta loop versus a
rotatable dipole at 70 feet.  One fellow pointed out the problem I have with
the delta loop is that the angle of radiation is rather high and does not do
well for DX, but theoretically it should.  The other issue is that the apex
of the 40 meter loop at 55 to 60 feet gives me the fits fitting it on the
tower and around the house.

According to software modelling, a dipole at 70 feet would out perform a
delta loop by 3 db.  Great.  With that is the following

If one was going to placea 40 meter rotatable dipole above a tibander (say
10 feet or so) how are these constructed?  Full Size?  Trapped and shorted?
If they are full sized, what kind of aluminum do you use?  Is a full sized
dipole manufactured by someone?  etc. etc.  Sounds like somthing I want to
explore to place above te TA-33

Sincerely and with the warmest regards this Holiday Season....


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