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Long mast / crankup tower

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Subject: Long mast / crankup tower
From: (Adam Kerner)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 09:53:37 -0800
Hi all-
I'm getting ready to to install a long mast in a HG54-HD crankup.
Mast is 2" 1/4" wall 1027 DOM steel, which I had galvanized.

The tower is heavy duty model, rated @ 30 sf / 50 mph  (I know, I know,
the wind blows harder than that!!!)

For antennas, I will be putting a 40-2CD above a KT34XA.  Mast is fine
for this.  I keep tower down 10' when not contesting, which adds
significantly to strength.  So that's cool, as well.

Now, here's the question.  Have any of you had experience with such an
installation?  Specifically, the rotator plate is factory mounted near
the top of the tower.  I would like this to be down 8' or so to minimize
the "top-heavy-ness" of the whole schmear.  OK, so if I were to put in
another plate down the tower, how do I get to it when the tower is
cranked down to install?  (3 nested sections don't leave more than an
RCH of room between diagonals, etc.)  I don't climb the tower when it's
up.  I thought of welding some strong, solid steel stops on each leg of
the lower two sections, which would keep the tower from lowering all the
way, and allow me to safely access the rotor with the tower partially
extended.  This is a hassle, as well as making the beast tough to deal
with down the road, should it be time to trade up to a larger model ;-)
It also partially defeats the whole idea of a crankup, which is that it
can be cranked down!

Please, no flames from crank-up haters!!!  On a city lot, it can be the
best option.

Thanks for all ideas, and happy holidays to all

73, Adam
K7ST....So There!

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