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Radial wire plows

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Subject: Radial wire plows
From: (Richard Karlquist)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:31:52 -0800
I am interested in building a wire plow to put in radials.  I read
the section in Low Band DX'ing about them and also one of the two
Ham Radio references ON4UN gives (I'm missing the other issue).  In
the Ham Radio reference, the author says there are commercial ones 
used for AM broadcast stations.  Does anyone have any pointers to those?
Has anyone built a wire plow?  I'd like to hear about your experiences
with it.  In particular: would it make sense to attach one to a garden
tractor, or is the "armstrong" type easy enough to use.  I would rather
spend more money and do less work, rather than do a budget version.
The ground I will be working on is not super flat (+/- 6 inches or so) 
and I don't want to mow it and grade it before installation.  How deep
should the wires be buried to assure they don't reappear on the surface?
I am more interested in structural integrity, rather than the imponderable
question of whether it's more optimum electrically to have them on the
surface than buried 6 inches or whatever.  Thanks in advance.

Rick Karlquist N6RK

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