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Tower Ratings - Stupid Question

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Subject: Tower Ratings - Stupid Question
From: (Martin Ellis)
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 12:01:11 +1300
> Bill Coleman AA4LR wrote:
> This raises an interesting question. If the lowest wind in the TIA
> standards is 70 mph, why do tower manufacturers specify tower
> capacity in terms of 50 mph wind?
> Also, for crank-up units, shouldn't there be different ratings 
> for the extended and nested positions?

I am also trying to study the tower literature for an installation
next year.  I have had a comment that at least one manufacturer
(is it Tri-ex?) states that their crank-up sections are specially
strengthened in the area of the overlap.
In this case the tower is weakened if the owner lowers it half-way
down, under storm conditions?

Is Steve able to advise?

Martin ZL1ANJ

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