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160M Vertical

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Subject: 160M Vertical
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Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 22:53:43 -0500
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>Anyone have any suggestions on how to make a 160M elevated full sized
>vertcial the best way?
>1.  I have lots of Rohn 25.  Probably 100'
>2.  I can buy more.
>3.  It MUST be an elevated system.  (How to insulate?)
>4.  I don't want to use all Rohn 25.  So what would be a good taper schedule
>from 2" OD that would fit in a top section of Rohn 25?  I have a great
>supplier for aluminum, so it isn't a problem buying aluminum.

Mr. Bill --

     Buy more 25G.  Antenna Mart has new insulated base spacers.  A set runs
$275.00.   Their number is 770-466-4353.

     Please don't try to kludge something other than 25G onto 25G.  What are
you going to taper to?   How are you going to erect it on top of 100 feet of
25G?  If it's anything longer than one stick of aluminum pipe, you're still
going to have to guy it - how're you going to do that?  Buy more 25G.  

    You can get another 20 feet or so by attaching the aluminum pipe at the
top of the 25G but that's about all that I would recommend.  Two sticks would
be REALLY ambitious and tricky to get up.  Buy more 25G.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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